5 NICU Ambulances ( Neonatal, Adult and Pediatric )


NICU ambulances are fully equipped for the high defensive transportation of newborn babies with advanced neonatal facilities. Newborn and pediatric patients who require advanced life support transport may include medical/surgical transportation. Additionally, patients on a cardiac monitor can be transported, and they can be moved to a higher level of care when needed.

1 ICU Ambulances (Advanced Life Support - ALS)

ICU Ambulances are fully equipped for safe transportation with adult patients who require advanced life support transport-which may include medical/surgical transportation of adult patients. Transportation of patient on a cardiac monitor. Patients move to a higher level of care.


1 Non-ICU Ambulance (Basic Life Support-BLS)

A non-ICU ambulance is designed for individuals who require transportation for both emergency and non-emergency situations. Emergency services encompass road accidents, minor shortness of breath, minor trauma, psychiatric evaluation, and minor illness. On the other hand, non-emergency transport covers outpatient visits to the doctor’s office or hospital.